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  • The Sacred Circle Tarot Deck

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    As the title indicates this is a pagan deck. It is very beautiful, but not for everyone. I have used this deck to read for myself and I love it. The deck is based on the pagan Celtic pantheon of the British Isles. Much of the Christian and Kabalistic references and symbols are not present ion this deck as they are in many others. Some examples of this change is: the Emperor and Empress are the Lord and Lady, the Devil is replaced by the Underworld, and the World is the World Tree.  The book not only provides knowledge of the tarot but also provides insight into paganism. It sets forth to the reader ideas for spreads and meditations. This deck is a true tool for one's spiritual journey.

    Set includes Deck and Book.  336 pages,  9.1"  x  6.4"  x  2.2",  by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason,  Llewellyn Publications; 1st edition 1998