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The History of Energy Transference: Exploring the Foundations of Modern Healing

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Schrodter is an encyclopedic author who manages to synthesize several hundred years worth of information on energy transference and healing into slightly over 250 pages. Drawing on a wealth of little known Western esoteric lore, practices, and theory, Schrodter presents the reader with a fantastic account of occult healing methods from the Western esoteric point of view. Students of healing, Rosicrucianism, Qabala, and Alchemy with find it of much interest and use.

A treasure trove of notes and research in the field of distance and hands on healing. Topins include biological emanations, hypnosis, instinctive impressions, bio-magnetism, thought waves, transmissions from the dying, mesmerism and much more. Provides evidence of the potential we all have for exerting healing influences on others through direst contact or over distances.