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The Healthy Brain Kit by Dr. Andrew Weil & Dr. Gary Small

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You exercise your body to keep it at peak performance—but what about your brain? At UCLA, Dr. Gary Small is proving that you can boost memory, sharpen concentration, enhance verbal fluency, and more—in less than two weeks.

Now, with The Healthy Brain Kit, Dr. Small teams up with internationally renowned physician Dr. Andrew Weil to offer a complete program of tools and recommendations for increasing your brainpower immediately. This information-packed kit includes:

  • 2 CDs spotlighting the secrets of the brain and its remarkable abilities, plus Dr. Small's favorite "mental aerobics" exercises specifically designed to strengthen both hemispheres of the brain
  • 52-page workbook with proven nutrition and lifestyle recommendations from Dr. Weil for keeping your brain healthy and your mind sharp for life
  • 35 brain-training cards offering tips, aids, and teasers to enhance your brain performance anytime, anywhere

Whether you're concerned about memory loss, poor concentration, or enhancing your creativity, or you simply want to regain that cognitive edge of your youth, The Healthy Brain Kit gives you the most essential skills for keeping your brain in optimum shape today, and in the years ahead.