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Spiritual Cleansing Bath


Spiritual baths are used to cleanse and fortify the aura or when working to bring about a special intention. This bath is formulated for the purpose of specifically cleansing away the daily "psychic debris" we pick up throughout our day. Additionally use for self-care to heighten your spiritual vibration. It is especially good to combine the bath with meditative practice. Prayer and instructions  included with each bath. Our baths are made with 7 or 9 herbs  depending on the bath. The bath is made with an herbal blend, essential oil(s), Salts (sea, Dead Sea, Himalayan, epsom, and /or black depending on the bath type). Each bath contains a crystal or gemstone in tune with the vibration of the bath's intention. Contains enough product for two baths.

Do not ingest or drink, Do not use if you have allergies or sensitivities to herbs or oils. This item is sold as a curio without claim of outcome.