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Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

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Sensual Love Secrets for Couples will lead you and your lover to transcendence and ecstasy by awakening your four freedoms: body, mind, heart, and soul. Once you experience these freedoms, you and your lover will share in the boundless energy of sexual pleasure and unconditional love. Link and Copeland reveal how couples can keep a sense of discovery, pleasure, and appreciation alive in a committed relationship by connecting with and exploring each other on all four levels.

This sensual guide features nearly one hundred playful acts that reveal the proven secrets and techniques of total sexual intimacy and freedom:
              • Circulate sexual energy                                                             •  Declare your deepest desires
              • Stimulate numerous pleasure points                                         •   Make sacred space for sex
              • Exchange dreams                                                                      •  Ignite Kundalini energy


"We need miracles and Sensual Love Secrets provides a path to the discovery of those miracles."
--James W Prescott, PhD - Univ. California Medical School; Director Institute of Humanistic Science

"Well written, straight forward advice about how to add intensity as well as technique to love making. Just reading it together and talking about it would promote emotional and sexual intimacy."
--Pepper Schwartz, PhD Univ. of Washington

"A welcome contribution to the literature of sexual enrichment for loving couples. I like the many concrete exercises. You are doing great work and it deserves to be widely heard."
--John Ince author Politics of Lust

"Well written, straight forward how to add intensity and technique to love making. Just reading it together and talking about it would promote emotional and sexual intimacy." - for English edition
--Pepper Schwartz, PhD Univ. of Washington

The titular four freedoms are the four aspects of self, and the heart of this book is made up of exercises for developing each aspect alone and in harmony with one's partner-sensually, socially, and sexually. The exercises are creative, playful, serious, and sometimes unusual, such as rewriting a recipe in sexual imagery to create an appetizing and erotic poem. Link and Copeland (coauthors, Soul Sex), a Canadian couple who have run Tantra workshops for a decade, are well grounded in Eastern mysticism and its Western interpreters; their bibliography is excellent. Unfortunately, there are no illustrations. This book would be a helpful read for a new or reawakening couple of any age. Not a key purchase but a nice addition for public libraries.-MC -- Library Journal, February 1, 2007