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Love Numbers: How to Use Numerology to Make Love Count

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Love Numbers: How to Use Numerology to Make Love Count by Margaret Arnold

Discover how you can use the energies in your name and all around you to bring romance into your life or improve any relationship, when you read Love Numbers by Margaret Arnold.

Have you ever wondered why you like certain people right away, while others leave you cold? Or why some relationships just "click" despite barriers of culture, age, or religion? Now you will have a dependable way to predict whom you'll hit it off with-and why-with Love Numbers.   ISBN: 978-1567180404

Love Numbers gets right to the heart of the energy vibrations between you and your lover, friends, coworkers, and family members. Just grab a pencil and do a little simple arithmetic to find out in seconds how your personality will interact with that of any other person. It's easy!

In numerology, each number represents different types of energy. In Love Numbers you'll find out if you are a number two (a follower), a number five (freedom lover), a number twenty-two (a master builder) or any of the other numbers used in numerology. You'll also learn which numbers will blend with yours and how best to deal with people of any number group.

- Make all of your relationships more satisfying
- Find out in advance how compatible you will be with a potential partner
- Get insight into what is likely to happen within a relationship-and how to handle it.

Add up your love numbers and count on happier, more harmonious relationships in your life.