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Journey Into Being - Knowing and Nuturing Our Children as Spirit

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A Journey Into Being will take you where science meets spirituality on the transformational voyage of the soul as it prepares for life, unites with the physical body, and undergoes birth. You will appreciate the process of adaptation to the physical body and world during infancy and childhood. What should then follow is a startling new awareness of a child's soul. Many baffling issues regarding children will become clear: * The true purpose of new life * Why a baby would be born just to succumb later to disease. * How two siblings reared in the same manner with their biological parents can have such opposite characters. * Why most need to be comforted to sleep and upon awakening. * Why some babies suffer from colic, fuss or seem more sensitive than others. * What makes them have "feminine" or "masculine" qualities as they grow. * View how an unborn child chooses her family. * Learn how to sense the essence of a child still in utero, how to perceive unorganized energy dynamics in the infant and how to remedy them. * Explore methods for increasing intuitive responsiveness to a child who has yet to learn language

About the Author

Christine Ramos is a Registered Professional Nurse, Certified Childbirth Educator, and Certified Doula. Prior to becoming a nurse, she worked in the mental health field with the mentally disabled and substance abusers as a counselor, then later as an administrator of housing. She has earned two baccalaureate degrees, the first in Community Health Education from York College, City University of New York and the other in Nursing from State University New York at Stony Brook. Being an intuitive, Christine has always been naturally drawn to matters of the soul. Since she was a teenager, she has studied spirituality and Eastern thought on well being in an attempt to make sense of her extrasensory awareness. Becoming pregnant with her first child is what prompted Christine to change careers as she became captivated with the profoundly spiritual experience of bringing new life into the world. Wanting to pursue a second career in nurse-midwifery, she quit her job as an administrator and went back to school. To spare her family any financial hardship, she earned her nursing degree in as little time as possible by completing the 69 college credits needed in one year. But, instead of continuing her education in midwifery, Christine found herself working as a maternity nurse in a large New York hospital. (She has also cared for patients with cardiac problems.) Christine is married, has two sons and a daughter and lives in Long Island, New York. This book was written within the stolen moments of the three and half years following the birth of her third child. Currently, she provides private pregnancy and postpartum services, and writes articles for parenting publications and websites.

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Product Details

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc (May 26, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1886940940