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Habondia Plaque

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The plaque pictured here is from the Dryad Design collection of Paul Borda. He is a well know pagan artist who creates pieces that bring not only a sacred image into your home, but a true piece of art work as well.   "The artwork of Dryad Design speak to the Old Religion realized in a modern Wiccan context. Beautiful, intricately designed. I love these works and use them in my own practice"  - -Ann Moura,  Author of Green Witchcraft

Habondia Plaque - The Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, Habondia is descended from a Germanic Earth Goddess. She ensured the abundance of crops and herds for her devotees. Her name is written in Theban script on the banner. Call on her to promote growth and abundance in your life. - Dryad Design