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Goddess of Love Ritual Box


Goddess of Love Ritual Box is brought to you by Aradia's Treasure and Crimson and Flora. It contains everything you need for rituals designed to bring romantic love or to promote self-care and foster self-love. This box contains two full rituals written by Debra of Aradia's Treasure.  One is for romance and the other for self-care. Debra also created a Love Bath for the box. Danyell of Crimson and Flora made a beautiful, hand poured  Venus candle and hand crafted the stone heart crystal dish. The box also contains an abalone shell (symbol of the Goddess), for your altar, a sage smudge bundle, a lovely piece of raw rose quartz, and a roller bottle of rose oil.  FOR IN-STORE PICK UP: PLEASE CALL THE STORE AND LET US KNOW THE DATE YOU WILL PICK UP 856 488-8187