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Ganesha World Magic Candle

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A vibrant pink candle with a sweet date, tangerine and bergamot scent. Ganesha is a hindu deity, lovingly known as the elephant god. He represents the call to spiritual awakening and power. He teaches us to balance our mind, to be strong enough to handle the tides of our external world and gentle enough to explore the realms of our inner world.

His message is: Ganesh Om sri Ganesha Namaha– Great Lord of Wisdom, Here I stand with so many decisions to make, with so many ways to turn. I beg your Grace. Please fill me with righteous judgment and clear discrimination as I lay all confusion at your feet and immerse myself solely in your being. Even though his hands are very busy he always has one available to bestow blessings on anyone who asks.

2.5 x 6.5 pillar burns for 80 hours.