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Cinnabar in Scapolite


Cinnabar contains the energy of transformation. It has been referred to as the Alchemist Stone because it brings to us the power of spiritual, magickal and personal transformation. Transformation process takes place in the alignment and balancing of the chakras and energy field. Blockages being removed transforms negativity to manifest the Divine energy of the soul. Another interesting characteristic is that it teaches us how to manifest energy into physical form. Helps with work in the base, sacral, and third eye chakras. In the third eye it is thought to awaken mystic visions.

Scapolite promotes change, growth, and achievement of goals.It assists positive change and spiritual growth. Measurement: 1" - 1 1/2"

Please note when purchasing multiple stones the final shipping fee will be determined by weight not the number of pieces purchased. Any payment overages will be refunded to you if necessary,