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Blessed Herbal Limited Edition Calamity Calmer

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Life can be overwhelming at times. Stress builds up  and can obscure our vision. Become aware of the real triggers and stressors. Be able to see beyond the little aggravations to relieve the real stress. This candle is designed to help you take a deep breath in a safe space. Release the calamity you are hanging onto and open up to easy, attainable solutions and resolutions. Untangle yourself from chaos. Light this candle and allow peace to fill you and relieve the chaos and panic as you solve the issues . 

I release my confusion into earth,
Creating peace, calm and gentle mirth. 
Calamity unwound, released from my mind 
easy solutions in this moment I do find.
Laughing at the struggle my spirit does rise;
I know my next action
what is most wise
My stress is dissolved is how it shall be, this I make so, 3x3x3