Aradia's Treasure Metaphysical Shop Where magick happens!

 A search for meaning in life often draws us into an exploration of spirituality that enriches our spirit through honored tradition and joyous ritual.  Seeking communion with the Divine leads to the discovery that divinity is within ourselves. This realization came to me when I embarked on the pagan path more than 20 years ago.  Metaphysical or spiritually based shops were not easy to find.

 I have always wished to open my own business, however, the type of business was not written in stone. One aspect was a certainty. The business must be meaningful and have purpose beyond that of profit. And so Aradia's Treasure was conceived to be. Our purpose: to provide quality products and services at affordable prices to those on the journey.

     Our brick and mortar shop is located in Merchantville, NJ. We invite you to browse our online product catalog, and hope you find that "just right" item. If ever in NJ stop by and say hello! Please keep in mind we have many more items in the shop, and we are adding new items to the website at all times.

     Our Mission:

  • To be place where you'll find inspiring products for Mind, Body & Spirit
  •  To be a place that honors all paths to the Divine
  • To be a place of mystical, magickal, merriment!

May you be well. May you be blessed.